Play in a fun and relaxed competitive environment with your friends.

The Saratoga National Golf Club Team will train and practice not only on the practice facility, but also utilize the golf course for training.  The course will be set up using guidelines from the PGA Junior League handbook and offers a great challenge for all golfers.  All of our home matches are played from these tees and offer a great experience for the junior teams.  

Team Golf for Ages 8-13. Teams are comprised of male and female players with the opportunity to advance to All-Stars and compete against area teams.

The PGA Junior League is a great way to train and compete as a team.  

Often times, golf is treated as an individual sport and we at Saratoga National Golf Academy believe that team environments foster the learning and improvement process.  When golfers are playing for their teams and their peers, the best of their abilities will be showcased.  Example: Ryder Cup.  

Bob is the captain of the Saratoga National Team as well as the Saratoga All-Star Team. Bob led the all-star team to the State Finals in 2016 and is looking forward to seeing the team through the 2017 season.

Anders helps with the team practices and matches. The team environment is something that he is fully behind and look to implement these programs throughout the academy.

Following the regular season, an all-star team is formed using players selected from each local area.  The 2016 team advanced to the State Final after a successful trip through Albany and Syracuse. We look forward to helping the 2017 all-star team advance as well. 

Opening Day Event: June 23rd – 3:30 – 5:00
  • Practice #1: June 27th
  • Practice #2: July 4th
  • Practice #3: July 11th
  • Practice #4: July 18th
  • Match #1: July 3rd
  • Match #2: July 12th
  • Match #3: July 14th
  • Match #4: July 19th

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