Play in a fun and relaxed competitive environment with your friends.

A Brand New program for Saratoga National Golf Academy, Girls Golf is something that we are really excited to be a part of.  This Nationally recognized program allows girls of all ages and abilities to take part in Golf Programs at Saratoga National Golf Club.  Fees are minimal as there are sponsors that provide extraordinary grant funding to help support the programs.  This is a low stress, fun environment and we encourage all girls interested to sign up and come have fun with the pros at Saratoga National. 


Step 1 is to sign up for Girls Golf on their national website.

Follow the instructions and choose Saratoga National Golf Club as your site. This is FREE and there is no obligation to participate…however we think you will have more fun if you do.

Once registered, you will be part of Saratoga National Golf Academy’s list and will receive emails for all upcoming events.  You will also receive a FREE Gift from Girls Golf!

Throughout the season, we will hold events specific to Girls Golf.  These group classes will be designed for players of all ages and abilities with an emphasis on Girls Golf’s 5 E’s.

  • We EMPOWER girls by teaching them a game they can play and enjoy for a lifetime.
  • We ENRICH their lives by expanding their minds and giving them the confidence to dream big and accomplish their goals.
  • We ENGAGE girls with strong female role models and inspire them to make a difference in their communities.
  • We ENERGIZE them with our vitality and enthusiasm by sharing our love of the game.
  • We EXERCISE their minds and bodies to help them realize and unlock their true potential.

Each event is unique and can be signed up for online. To Sign up for an event, follow the link below.  

Each Girls Golf Event will be unique and have an emphasis on learning the game in a fun, relaxed environment.  We will do our best to organize each group so ages and abilities are matched in each group.  Here is a list of Age Groups:

  • Level 1: Ages 5-8
  • Level 2: Ages 9-12
  • Level 3: Ages 13-17

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