Downtown Training Studio

8 Division St. 

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866


What is the Training Facility and how is it different than other indoor training?  

The training studio at 8 Division St follows our academy mission to facilitate a learning environment to help develop and train golfers of all ages abilities.  The equipment and spaces have been thought out and organized to allow for all of our golfers to improve upon their skills. 

Is the Training Studio open to the Public?

Currently, the facility is available by appointment only.  Both Anders Mattson and Bob Cain will be offering group and private instruction throughout the Winter.  There are plenty of opportunities to take part in the programs, so please contact us to get started.

Will there be Simulators where you can play a round of golf inside?

We utilize a system called TrackMan which is a launch monitor that analyzes the impact of the golf ball and shows 26 parameters of club and ball data. This system is currently used as a training tool on all Professional Tours and is the most accurate launch monitor available.  The indoor function is extremely accurate and allows for immediate feedback on what you did to the club and what the club did to the ball.  A simulator option is available and may be instituted in the future.

Can you use the Training Studio to practice without instruction?

Based on demand, we would like to open up the studio for that purpose.  Please let us know if you have interest in that portion, and we will coordinate the timing and use.

Are there food and beverage options at the Training Studio?

Complimentary water will be provided to anyone training.  Based on early feedback, there are future plans to offer a food and beverage component, but nothing is currently available.

Where do I park when I use the Training Studio?

There is private parking on the East side of the Training Studio.  You will turn off of Division St. in between FingerPaint and Chianti and drive South past the large parking lot.  You will see the training studio on your left.  You then drive around the studio to the left and there is parking and a preferred entrance on the East side of the building.  

What do I wear when I use the Training Studio?

We recommend sneakers and comfortable clothing.  We ask that you please change your shoes in the vestibule to keep the playing surfaces as clean as possible.  Casual attire is acceptable as we will likely be doing some physical training as well as golf training during our time.  Comfort is key.

Is the Hitting Bay at Saratoga National still open?

Yes, we will still be utilizing the Hitting Bay at Saratoga National.  We will still run individual instruction as well as all club fittings in the hitting bay.  The indoor facility will be used in all inclement weathers situations as well as all group classes.

Will you be offering merchandise with the Saratoga National Academy Logo?

Yes, starting at the beginning of the year, we will begin to showcase some apparel as well as training equipment available for purchase.  Recommendations are always encouraged and appreciated.

What are the options for utilizing this space? 

Currently, we are offering Junior Golf Classes, and Individual Instruction.  All interested Junior Golfers can contact Anders or Bob to get started into one of our programs.  Individual instruction is available by the hour, or in packages of 3, 6, 10, 20 sessions.  All packages can be used indoors at the Training Studio, in our Indoor Hitting Bay at Saratoga National, or at our practice facility during the golf season.  

What is the best way to improve my golf game this Winter?

Our coaches always recommend to take part in one of our long term coaching programs.  By meeting weekly, or even bi-weekly with one of our coaches, you will be able to work on your golf game on a regular basis.  After our first meeting, we will have a game plan that will match your goals and will allow you to head into the Spring with new ideas and mindset to help you play better golf.  

How do I reserve time in the new Training Studio?

Visit: and click on Book Now.  This will allow you to book your time with either of our coaches.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our coaches below:

Anders Mattson

Director of Instruction


Cell: (518) 810-5596


Bob Cain

Head Teaching Professional


Cell: (518) 573-8178



From Broadway, East onto Division St. (Next to FingerPaint Marketing (Former Borders Bookstore)).  Take first left just before Chianti Restaurant into parking lot.  Continue South past the parking lot until you see a chain link fence.  The Studio is on your left.  Parking and preferred entrance is located around the corner of the studio to the left.  

This Map depicts the actual location of the training studio. As you can see, access is from Division Street and there is private parking in the lot around the corner of the studio.  

This Map depicts the actual location of the training studio. As you can see, access is from Division Street and there is private parking in the lot around the corner of the studio.