junior Golf Coaching programs

Saratoga National Golf Academy offers programs for junior golfers of all ages, ability and gender.  We pride ourselves in creating a development program that will ensure that each junior golfer is placed in an appropriate group based on their age and ability.  Our coaches will help identify which program is right to get started and then we will develop each golfer through the levels of development.  All of our programs have an emphasis on low-stress, fun environment with a team training philosophy.  

Junior Golf Life Cycle

Level 1 - Intro to Golf

Level 1 Golf is the perfect introduction to golf for juniors of any age.  This program is designed to work on the fundamentals of golf which includes grip and stance.  We will always emphasize a fun environment which fosters a learning experience for each junior.  Each class will be filled with exercises, game-oriented training and an introduction to the rules of golf.  

Classes for ages 7-10 and 11-14

Level 2 - Intermediate to Advanced Golfers

Level 2 Golf is a great way for more experienced junior golfers to develop his/her skill set to help take them to the next level. The program is conducted in a fun, low-stress, team oriented environment to bring out the best performance as they prepare for competitive junior golf.  Classes include long term athletic development , swing training, short game skills, putting and competitions. 

Classes for ages 7-10 and 11-14  


Level 3 - Competitive Golfer - Long Term Coaching Program 

This program is designed for the competitive golfer and is an annual program that includes, group instruction, individual instruction, practice time at Saratoga National as well as a comprehensive look at each players golf games.  If you are interested in hiring a "coach" to help develop a junior golfer towards a high level of play, this is the best avenue to do so.  Limited to 36 Players. 

Ages: 8-17 - Classes organized by age and ability.