Outdoor Sessions Available April - November. Hitting Bay and Indoor Sessions Available November - April.
Program Adult Rates Junior Rate
New Student Assessment (45-Minutes) $75 $75
Hourly Fee $150 $100
3 - Session Package $400 $275
6 - Session Package $750 $500
Long Term Coaching Programs
10 Sessions (More Info below) $1200 $800
20 Sessions (More Info Below) $2000 $1500

Individual Lesson Information

Hourly Lessons - $150

During a one-hour lesson, a student can expect to receive specific information that is pertinent to the individual student.  If you are interested in seeing the academy and experiencing what we offer, this is the correct time for you.  All hourly lesson fees can be pushed towards a longer term coaching program should you wish to continue.  

3-Session Package - $400

The 3-session package offers value versus the individual hourly and is helpful for those looking to work on more than just one aspect of the game.  These 3 sessions can be broken into different skills, such as one day putting, one day on short game and one day on full swing.  Or, we can use this package and block 3 hours or time on one day to create a half day learning experience.  

6-Session Package - $750

This package offers a nice opportunity for any golfer to gain real knowledge and form a relationship with their coach.  When working with 6 sessions, we can really focus on learning specific skills and spend our time on all aspects of the game.  After the first session, we will have an understanding of what skills will be most beneficial to work on.


20 Session Package - $2000

Winter Package: $400/Month for 5 Months.  Weekly 1 Hour Sessions.

Annual Package: $175/Month for 12 Months. 

This package is perfect for the student dedicated to improving their entire golf game.  A student assessment is completed at the beginning of each season, and will give us a blueprint for working towards lower scores.  During the off-season, this program is designed as a 1x/Week program, but can be used in time blocks that meet the students' schedule and availability.  

10 Session Package - $1200

Winter Package: $240/Month for 5 Months. Bi-Weekly 1 Hour Sessions

Annual Package: $100/Month for 12 Months.

The 10 Session Package works very well for those looking to keep their game sharp over the winter or looking for regularly scheduled sessions during the summer.  This works well as a 1x every other week or 2x/Month.  

Both the 10 and 20 Session Packages can be used to schedule 2 hour or longer sessions, or can be used for group classes or events as well.  

The following are all included with the long term coaching packages:

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Swing Analysis
  • Short Game (pitching, chipping, bunkers, shot versatility)
  • Putting 
  • Club Fitting using TrackMan
  • Club Gapping Analysis
  • TrackMan Data analysis - Swing Fingerprint"
  • Ball Speed Training - How to increase Ball Speed
  • Wedge Training - Hone in on Wedge Distances
  • Practice Games using TrackMan
  • TrackMan Combines
  • Golf Fitness Coordination

*Monthly rates can be created for those interested in spreading out their payments.  Contact Anders when booking.