Fitness Affiliates

I have always said that you don't have to be an athlete to play golf, but it does help.  The same goes for fitness programs.  Being involved in a fitness program does not magically improve your golf game, but it can provide the necessary elements to help you reach your golfing goals.  There are a lot of options in the fitness industry, so I have partnered with people and facilities that I trust.  I am confident that any of these affiliates will help you achieve your physical goals, help prevent injury and provide you with the potential to improve your golf game.  As with golf instruction, I always recommend working with someone specifically to help you achieve your goals. Whether it is a personal trainer or specific classes, it is proven to be more beneficial to partner with a coach.  If you would like referrals, or more information on any of these affiliates, please let me know.

Reform Pilates Studio in Downtown Saratoga Springs is a great place to receive functional training in a comfortable and professional environment.  Pilates is very popular amongst golfers and I am confident that everyone would benefit from their programs.


phone: (518) 871-1315 

Lake George CrossFit is operated by TPI Certified Instructor, Dirk Buban.  CrossFit is an intense workout that provides functional training in a team environment.  I believe that a CrossFit training program can help develop stability, mobility, strength and speed.  All of which are very helpful in golfer development programs.  Between the specific programming that call for constantly varied workouts and a community environment, CrossFit is a perfect complement to your golf training.  

Contact: Dirk Buban

238 Bay Road
Queensbury, NY 12804



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Saratoga Health and Wellness Center

Led by Exercise Physiologists and TPI Certified Instructors, Nick Galuardi and Mike Lapolla, this is a great environment to help improve your physical capabilities.  The gym is clean, neat and full of equipment that can be utilized by all fitness levels.  Nick and I have collaborated with many clients as well as The Wounded Warriors Project and am confident that he can help you achieve your physical goals.  

Contact: Nick Galuardi


Phone: (518) 306-6987