Upon graduating in 2002 from Furman University, I began my professional career at Saratoga National Golf Club in Saratoga Springs, NY.  I obtained my Class A certification with the PGA of America in 2009 and shortly thereafter was named the Head Golf Professional at Saratoga National.  Since then, I began to focus more of my attention on the teaching and coaching aspects of the game.  In the summer of 2013, my role had changed and took the title of Director of Instruction, which allows me to focus solely on golf instruction and provide students with more expansive programming.

My teaching career really began when I decided to find out what others were doing to get better.  I knew how I liked to play, and what I liked to teach, but needed some reassurance that what I was doing was correct.  I found a nearby Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certification seminar and was absolutely enthralled with the knowledge and extent at which others had taken the game.  I did extensive research, and after finishing up the second and third level of certification with TPI, I decided I needed to further spread what I have learned.  

I found that we do not need to work out every day, or hit 1000 balls a day to improve our golf games.  Rather, we can simply use the available time that we have to make our golf games better.  The theory of spending countless hours on the range, or on the exercise bike are outdated, unnecessary and unrealistic for most.  I have come up with a teaching pattern that helps with all aspects of the game in an efficient and orderly sequence. I look forward to sharing my experiences and teaching theories with all of my current as well as future students. 

The addition of TrackMan in 2013 has allowed me to increase the pace at which my students learn.  TrackMan provides absolute reassurance that what you are doing during your swing is actual.  There are no questions on why the ball did what it did, and it provides great feedback on how to make subtle changes to make more efficient contact.  I feel as though TrackMan has allowed me to be less of a teacher and more of a coach, and my students to be less intimidated and learn more effectively.


About Anders


Saratoga Springs, NY  

(Grew up in Queensbury, NY)


Furman University, Greenville, SC  1998-2002

B.S. in Business Administration


PGA Member 2009

TPI Level 3 Golf Professional 2011

TrackMan Level 2 Certified Professional 2014

2014 NENY PGA Teacher of the Year

2015 NENY PGA Teacher of the Year


2009 Section Stroke Play Champion

2010 Section Stroke Play Runner-Up

Passed PAT in 2002

2014 Section Match Play Champion




Cypress Point




Glens Falls Country Club


Teaching Philosophy

The game of golf has evolved greatly over the past decade, led mostly by the youthful athletes that have dominated the sport.  There is a huge correlation to the players’ fitness levels as well as their practice regimens that all of the best players possess.  I hope to instill many of the best techniques that I have researched and practiced into my students’ games.  The main focus of my teaching philosophy is that not everyone swings the club in the same fashion. Depending on the physical capabilities, the club will move in a way that is natural and comfortable for the player.  In order to change an inefficient pattern, we must address both the physical as well as the mental aspect of the swing.  We can re-train the brain to swing a certain way, but the body must be able to properly perform in order to do so.  In order to achieve maximum results, random practice methods are used to best simulate on-course situations.  The combination of function and form will allow for maximum performance on the golf course. 


- It's better to understand than to be understood.

- Two things you cannot control: 1 - The Weather.  2 - The Past.

- Do what you think about and think about what you do.

- It's not about how far it goes, it's about how far they go.

-"Winner's compare themselves to themselves, losers compare themselves to others."